About Me

Addiction is a strong word, but if the shoe fits—admit that you have a problem. I’m convinced that paying full price is child’s play when it comes to a household budget. And if you have growing toddlers, it’s no picnic how many pairs of shoes they go through. So, my name is Kelly and I’m an addict—for “clipping” coupons.

I have a serious problem with over paying. And since I’ve been told for the past 11 years that it borders on obsession, I now wish that I had a time machine rather than a blog. But I digress. C’est la vie.

On a more personal note, I live in beautiful Sacramento, California. I have 3 children with my wonderful husband, who is the apple of my eye and pain in my ass😉 We try to keep a minimal household, which is not easy with kids, so I torture them by making them donate to the thrift stores regularly. If they want a new book or toy, they have to give up one. Because, so much stuff comes and goes from our lives, mostly what we need, that I try to keep it responsible. But kids need to be kids, and that comes with a lot of extra stuff. School supplies, winter gear, extra-curricular—stuff!

You see my problem, and yours. Yet even donation centers give coupons when you get rid of stuff! So, here’s the wealth of my experience at your fingertips. Enjoy!